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The Great American Pancake Company Pancakes


We teamed up with The Great American Pancake Company to make a griddle cake that would meet Joe's father's insurmountable expectations. You see, when it comes to buckwheat, his Dad is the self-appointed authority.

If a restaurant's menu would boast of their "Buckwheat Pancakes," without fail, Mr. Gannon would ask the waitress "Are these REAL buckwheat pancakes?" As a kid, Joe would practically climb under the table until the waitress made her exit, hoping the pancakes delivered minutes later would appease his father. Sadly, they rarely came close to the pancakes his mother put on their plates after the family had spent their early mornings bailing hay and milking cows on the farm in Harrington. But he never gave up the search for the perfect buckwheat cake.

At the insistence of GAPCo's Bruce Springer, we are providing a mix that gives the full flavor of Mr. Gannon's authentic buckwheat experience, without the full on grittiness of those farm table griddle cakes from a generation ago.

As Joe says, "These are sure to please the pancake-lover from 5 to 75."

Additional flavors available upon request: Angel Cakes, Brown Sugar & Oatmeal, Buttermilk, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Five Grain Flapjack, and Gingerbread.

Photo c/o Jen Causey of Simply Breakfast.

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