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Official League Ball


There are versions of the Official League Ball that are turn-of-the-century, and older, but this style with two color stitching dates from the late teens into the 1930s. This is the type of baseball your grandfather would buy at the hardware store, when that was the primary outlet for sporting goods in most towns. A lot of the larger stores would have their own private labels as well. Huntington Base Ball's William Peebles felt this time frame and the spirit of the ball was appropriate for what we are doing with Buckshot Sonny's.

We couldn't agree more. Thanks, William.

For more on our collaboration, visit our blog.

Buckshot Sonny's Official League Ball by Huntington Base Ball Co.

Made in Massachusetts

- Hand-drawn logo, courtesy of Christine Mitchell
- Red & blue waxed linen thread
- Official size and weight of regulation baseballs: 9 inches / 5 ounces
- Intended for regular use. Scuff it up!

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