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Nokona Pro Line PL-1150C, Pro Line, Closed Web


In 1920, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bill Doak suggested his hometown sporting goods company Rawlings weave a web between the first finger and the thumb of the leather mitt he'd been using to field fast-flying balls. That pocket revolutionized the game of baseball. Without that pocket, the Spiderman wall climb of Bo Jackson would have been impossible, the outstretched horizontal leaps of the Great Oz wouldn't be so great, and there'd be no Willie Mays.

To get our baseball gloves made the same way Doak did 90 years ago, We didn't have to go much farther: Nocona, Texas, home to Nokona Baseball Gloves. On a recent trip there, we met the great men and women cutting, sewing, lacing, stuffing, and shaping these gloves, one at a time. Thanks to Margaret for teaching us how to lattice the web and to Martin for showing Joe how to turn a finger.

Made by human hands since 1934, Nokona makes the best glove on the planet. No corners cut, these gloves will last lifetimes: yours, your sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters.

By combining buckskin [oil-tanned leather] with the rigid sandstone leather, this glove has the best of everything. Lined with buckskin, this glove feels great from the first time you wear it on the field, even if the field is your backyard.

Made in Nocona, Texas.
100% US Leather

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